Sunday, August 2, 2009

At 2 years

Ella's most common words to say:

"Whoa!" said with her hands out in a stop motion
"Wader-deese" Water please
"Ganket" Blanket
"Gapes" Grapes
"Un-gee" Hungry
"Eat!" always first thing in the morning!
"Piggy Back"
"Go-way!" at the cats while pointing a finger at them
"Doof-buss" toothbrush
"Coke, Coke!" poke, poke!
She loves repeating things and if we say something to her she'll often repeat the last word we said.

She can identify her head, hair, mouth, teeth, ears, eyes, nose, fingers, feet, toes and elbow (which she calls her elmo)

She can count to three, but then she fully expects to be picked up and swung when she gets there.

She still loves to jump on the couch or on the bed and now also just loves to jump around on the floor.

Lately she has really gotten in to pillows and loves to tackle the big body pillows.

She loves to drum or play bells.

She loves to swing and go down the slide and play in the hose (after a year long fear of all those things!)

She loves to brush her teeth!

She loves to pull up Mommy's shirt and poke my belly button.

She still doesn't like to have her hair done.

She's finally getting in to riding her bikes.

She loves to push anything that has wheels on it.

She still loves talking on the phone!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A donut date!

Today Mommy and Ella met with her friends Kristen and Val and Val's son Luke for a date at Tim Horton's! Ella really seemed to enjoy shoving the whole Tim Bit into her mouth at once rather than taking bites. I guess she loves her donuts!!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Swinging Like A Big Girl!

Tonight we took Ella to Sharon Woods Park to play on the playground. She had a blast climbing on everything, and then she decided she would like to swing on a " big kid swing" all by herself! She did such a good job holding on and would say "Weee!" with almost every swing.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Shoe Tantrum

Ella rarely protests going to bed so Daddy was a little confused when she started screaming when he put her to bed. She had her blankets and her monkey, what more did she need? Finally, through her screams he was able to make out the words, "My shoe!"

She really loves those purple croc shoes we got her this summer. So much so that she just wanted to sleep in them. I've even seen her get out of her bed at nap time to get her shoes and put them on, then get back into bed and fall asleep.

Very Funny

This morning, Ella decided to make a little bed in the bottom drawer of her dresser. She put both of her favorite blankets in there and got in and laid down. Somehow she even managed to pull the drawer shut a little, and then she got stuck!! She couldn't figure out how to get up and out and Daddy had to come to her rescue when she woke him up screaming!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mommy is in the hospital!

Mommy got sent to the hospital when she got a really bad kidney infection so Ella went and stayed at Grandma Scott's house. I'm pretty sure she had a blast there playing in her sandbox and then playing with the hose. She came to visit me a few times but seemed very unsure about what was happening to Mommy.